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Want to make more money in your birth work practice?

Are you looking to add to your client offerings?

Do you want to connect your clients to a birth class that checks all the boxes and doesn't break the bank?

As an affiliate for Birth Class in a Box you get 20% commission and a $10 discount for your clients!

I've been a birth and breastfeeding educator for 5 years. I was trained as a Bradley instructor in 2014. I loved it but saw a need to reach Black, busy women who may not have seen the value for 12 weeks of classes at $200+. I created Birth Class in Box to give those women something convenient, relevant, interactive and fun to prepare for a breathtaking birth and here's your chance to do the same.

How does it work?
As an affiliate you'll create a unique promo code and when you tell someone about Birth Class in a Box you'll give them your code. When they purchase the box (currently $149.97) and use the code they'd receive $10 of the price. I'll use your unique code to track your commission of 20% (for a $149.97 purchase that's $29.99!). You'll receive a Paypal payment on the 15th for the previous month's commission (so January commission would be received Feb 15).

You just have to tell people about Birth Class in a Box (and have them use your code). It's really that simple.

Ready to sign up?
1. Fill out a simple form below
2. Wait 72 hours for your code to be activated 
3. Tell people about Birth Class in a Box 

Your affiliate status is just one form away!

Disclaimer: Non Black people who want to spread the word about my Birth Class in a Box and provide this amazing resource to Black families, are asked to follow (@BirthClassinaBox) and share my social media posts, sales, info, and use the code "ALLY" for $10 off a Birth Class in a Box. This affiliate program is for Black people who have a direct connection to Black pregnant (or soon to be pregnant) women. So the doula, midwife, body butter creator, mom blogger, baby shower event planner, etc. is encouraged to sign up.

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